The Truth Behind Edibles

The Truth Behind Edibles

With cannabis delivery on the rise, it is no wonder more people are wondering about edibles. If you’ve been wondering if edibles are for you, there are a few things we want to talk through with you. If you want more tips, consult your local dispensary near me.

First of all, edibles do tend to be more powerful than the average joint. But, don’t let this scare you. If you are new to the edible game, just start out slow. Less is more when it comes to edibles, as the effects can be super strong. It is important to note that edibles can take up to two hours to fully kick in, so if you aren’t feeling anything after an hour, do NOT take more. If you take more, you risk the chance of taking too much and having a super intense high when it kicks in.

The good news? Even if you take too much and feel a super intense high, you cannot overdose on edibles. While you may experience a crazy high, you will not be able to overdose in a way that will harm you physically.

It is important to start slow and see what you can handle. Everyone is different and will have a different tolerance level. Some people, especially those who weigh more, will be able to consume more edibles than those who are smaller or who weigh less.

Metabolism and experience with edibles also make a difference and can affect how a person feels when consuming edibles. Someone who weighs more and just ate a big meal will likely feel less effects than someone who weighs less and hardly ate anything that day. It just depends on the person, that is why it is important to start slow and see where you land.

The Highs Lasts Longer

It is also important to note that when you consume cannabis payment processing in the edible form, the high lasts much longer than if you were to smoke it. While smoking generally results in a high that lasts about three hours, edibles can result in a high that lasts up to ten hours. That is a big difference, especially if the high is super intense.

Edibles have become popular for people who have trouble sleeping for this reason. They can sleep through the effects, keeping them asleep for longer periods of time.

New To Edibles?

If you are new to the edible scene, make sure that you plan the first time with people you completely trust. If your high becomes intense, you want to be around people that will calm you and make you feel comfortable and safe. It is usually recommended to start with an edible with a dose around 2.5 to 5 mg to see how it affects you.

Ready to Order Edibles?

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